Hermes crocodile leather Birkin

Hermes crocodile leather Birkin

No matter Hermes crocodile leather bags or 53 degrees Feitian Moutai, they are the only ones who can license the production, and the amount of production is determined by the manufacturer, and the relationship between supply and demand can be continuously controlled. Hermes Replica Bags The launch of products is all a distribution mechanism. Even if there is enough production capacity, it is necessary to distribute or even make an appointment.

The control of the invisible hand, the pattern of continuous shortage of supply, resulting in scarcity and firm prices. Hermes People buy up and not buy down, and the price is firm, which will passively stimulate consumer demand and continue to exceed supply. Often when a product sells too well, manufacturers stop producing it.

In 2017, a crocodile skin platinum bag was auctioned for a sky-high price of 2.4 million yuan. hermes birkin bags platinum bags are the highest unit price among luxury leather bags. Bags of hundreds of thousands of dollars can either wait in line for a few years, or use distribution to please the sales, or add money to buy them in the second-hand market.

Former LV CEO Vincent Bastien also once said in “Luxury Management”: “Luxury is an earned item, and the greater the resistance to getting it (whether tangible or intangible), the more people want to get it. powerful.”

Finally, it is the closed-loop system of economic attributes.

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